Assault Charges in Williamson County

Williamson County Assault Attorney

Most assault cases in Williamson County including Round Rock, TX and Georgetown, TX are misdemeanors and involve physical contact between family members or close acquaintances, including spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, brothers/sisters, or neighbors. In Williamson County, it is very easy to be arrested for assault because once the police respond to an emergency/911 telephone call, which typically is how they become involved; they are already predisposed to take someone to jail. If there was any physical contact between the parties, and sometimes even when no physical contact occurred, someone is likely to be arrested. In some cases, the person who called the police for help is arrested for assault, either because they initiated the physical contact or because the police believe they are the instigator of the incident.

Many people mistakenly believe that the victim in an assault case can decide whether their assailant is arrested, or simply choose to ‘drop the charges’ after the arrest. However once the police are called, the officers will decide whether someone is arrested, and the assigned prosecutor will decide what to do with the case after the arrest. Victims may be able to influence what happens with the case, but prosecutors frequently move forward on assault charges even though the victim desperately wants the case to be dismissed.

When we are hired to represent someone charged with assault in Williamson County, as with any other type of case, we will navigate our client through the legal process from beginning to end. The first thing we do is take detailed notes on the facts of the case, focusing on what actions or physical contact led to the arrest. We will also order copies of the police report and video tape (if any) and ask our client to schedule an appointment at our office to review it.  If our client believes that something substantive in the police report is incorrect, we will ask him or her to provide us with a written affidavit (on a form we provide), that we can then provide to the prosecutor.  We will also discuss and consider any possible legal defenses or issues associated with the case.  If the ‘victim’ is willing to help our client get the charge dismissed, we will ask them to provide us with an affidavit for the prosecutor. If our client believes the other party lied to the police, or was the primary aggressor, we will seek to discern their criminal history to see if they have a history of violence, dishonesty, illegal drug use, etc.

If a protective order has been issued against our client, often preventing them from going home, and the victim is willing to help get it lifted, we provide practical advice to get that accomplished quickly. We also provide our clients with a list of proactive things that they can do, or documents they can gather, while the case is pending, to increase the chances of a dismissal or at least to help minimize the severity of punishment. If the case is not dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge, we will seek to negotiate the best possible plea bargain agreement with the prosecutor. Then we will help our client decide whether to accept the prosecutor’s best offer or set the case for a trial by judge or jury, or have a hearing on a Motion to Suppress the Evidence.

In Williamson County, assault may be charged as a Class-C misdemeanor, a Class-A misdemeanor, or a felony depending on severity of the injuries to the purported victim and how the assault occurred. For example, making contact with a person that is offensive will most likely be charged as a Class-C misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine only, while contact that causes serious bodily injury will probably be charged as a felony and could be punishable by serious prison time.

To schedule a free 15-20 minute consultation with us to discuss your case, simply call (512) 635-4368 or click on the ‘Contact Us’ link to complete a form that will be emailed to us.  At this meeting we will discuss the basic facts of your case, any possible legal defenses, and a basic strategy for handling your case. We can also discuss payment options/plans if you are unable to pay our fee in full. Once you make the decision to hire, you will need to remain at the office for about 30 additional minutes to complete the necessary paperwork and review several documents that we will provide you. When you leave our office you will have a complete packet of useful information, you will know exactly what the process will be, and you should feel confident in knowing that you have an experienced attorney to navigate you through the process and get the best possible outcome for your case.