How we handle theft cases

When we are hired to represent someone charged with theft in Williamson County, as with any other type of case, we will navigate our client through the legal process from beginning to end. The first thing we will do is take detailed notes on the facts of the case, focusing on what conduct led to the arrest. We will also order copies of the police report and video (if any), and mail copies to our client, after which they are encouraged to schedule an appointment at our office to discuss the evidence. If our client believes that something substantive in the police report is incorrect, we will ask them to provide us with a written statement (on a form we provide), that we can then provide to the prosecutor. Based on the facts of the case, we will discuss any possible legal defenses and any other legal issues. We will also provide our client with a list of proactive things that they can do, or documents they can gather while the case is pending, to increase the chances of a dismissal, or at least to help minimize the severity of their punishment. If the case is not dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge, we will seek to negotiate the best possible plea bargain agreement with the prosecutor and help our client decide whether to accept the prosecutor’s best offer or set the case for a trial by judge or jury. A typical Class-A or Class-B misdemeanor Theft of Property charge, if not dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge, and depending on the facts of the case and the person’s prior criminal history, will result in some form of probation and a fine.  But if you go on probation for the offense you can never have the charge completely expunged from your criminal history.