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dwi/dui, drug, assault, & theft charges

Greg Terra, Attorney at Law

The Law Office of Gregory R. Terra was established in Jan. of 2005, dedicated to providing professional and experienced criminal defense attorney representation in Williamson County, Texas, for a reasonable and straightforward fee. We now represent about 100 new clients each year from our Georgetown, Texas office. We represent clients charged with DWI/DUI, Drugs, Theft, Assault, and a wide variety of other charges.

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In 2003, after earning his law license, Greg worked as a prosecutor with the Williamson County Attorney’s office in Georgetown. As a prosecutor, he handled hundreds of criminal cases and earned a successful trial record. He worked as a prosecutor until January of 2005, when he left to open his own criminal defense practice.

Greg Terra's OfficeExperience

Since entering private practice in Jan. of 2005, Greg has been hired to represent clients in over 2,200 criminal cases, over 45% of which have either been dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. Specifically, he has handled over 695 DWI/DUI cases, over 500 drug cases, over 285 assault cases, and over 210 theft cases.  He has also represented clients facing a wide variety of other felony and misdemeanor charges (see “Other Charges” above). Although we primarily represent clients charged with felony and misdemeanor cases in Williamson County, Texas, we also typically have active cases in Travis County, Bell County, Hays County, and Burnet County.

Greg personally handles all his cases, not delegating them to an inexperienced associate attorney. Also, his full-time legal assistant, Alison, previously worked in the Williamson County Attorney’s office for over 15 years. Because Greg and Allison have worked in Williamson County for so long, they know the local judges, prosecutors, staff, and procedures that are unique to this county, the importance of which should not be underestimated. Although Texas criminal laws are consistent throughout the State, the way each county handles a criminal charge can vary greatly, which gives someone familiar with the local practices and procedures a distinct advantage.


Generally, attorneys are notoriously bad at returning phone calls or otherwise keeping their clients informed, but we see communications as one of the most important parts of the attorney-client relationship. Someone will either answer your phone call or promptly return your message during regular business hours. If you are a current client and need to speak to Greg, he will typically return your call the same business day; and all our clients are entitled to unlimited meetings to discuss their case.

Greg Terra Law storefrontHonesty

Honesty is another distinctive quality of our office. We ask that all our clients be completely open and honest with us regarding the facts of their case and their prior criminal history, and we promise to be honest in return. Some attorneys dishonestly suggest at a free consultation that they can easily get the case dismissed, but we do not take that approach. Although we hope to obtain a dismissal or reduction in every case and do in fact obtain that result in over 45% of our cases, we will not mislead you about the chances in your case solely to obtain your business. In short, we see our good reputation as more valuable than any potential short-term monetary gain. All attorneys require an additional fee for a trial by a judge or jury but if we are trusted to represent you, we will provide you with honest advice regarding the pros and cons so you can make a well-informed decision. Therefore, we will not imprudently lead you into a trial just to obtain the additional fee.


A final distinctive characteristic of our office is that we seek to be very professional, yet approachable and affordable. Although we do not have the lowest rates in the area, we are certainly not the most expensive either. We handle all criminal cases for one flat rate fee, so you will not be charged for each telephone call or paperclip. Rates in most misdemeanor cases are pre-determined. Rates in most felony cases vary depending on the severity of the charge and the amount of work anticipated, with the fee to be determined at a free initial consultation. Multiple charges arising from the same incident will be handled at a reduced rate and payment plans are available for most clients.

Free Consultation

To schedule a free consultation, please call (512) 635-4368 or click on the ‘Contact Us‘ link to complete a short form that will be emailed to us. These meetings generally take 15-20 minutes. We can discuss payment options or plans if you are unable to pay our fee in full. Once you make the decision to hire, you will need to remain at the office for about an hour to complete the necessary paperwork and discuss your case in greater detail. By the time you leave you will be well informed, understand the next steps in your case, and feel confident knowing that you have an experienced attorney to navigate you through the process and help you with your case.