Other Charges Handled

The Law Office of Gregory R. Terra has represented clients charged with all of the following:


Abandoning or Endangering Child (PC 22.041)
Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle (TC 550.022),
Aggravated Assault (PC 22.02),
Aggravated Robbery (PC 29.03)
Assault on a Public Servant (PC 22.01),
Assault with Bodily Injury (Includes Domestic Violence/Family Violence (PC 22.01)


Bail Jumping and Failure to Appear (PC 38.10),
Burglary (PC 30.02),
Burglary of a Building (PC 30.02),
Burglary of a Habitation (PC 30.03)
Burglary of Vehicles (PC 30.04)


Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor (ABC 106.04),
Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse (PC 32.31),
Criminal Mischief (PC 28.03),
Criminal Trespass (PC 30.05),
Cruelty to Livestock Animals (PC 42.09)


Deadly Conduct (PC 22.05),
Delivery of a [Controlled] Substance (CSA 481.1121 to 481.114),
Delivery of Marijuana (CSA 481.120),
Disorderly Conduct (PC 42.01),
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol by Minor (ABC 106.041, a.k.a DUI),
Driving While Intoxicated (PC 49.04),
Driving While Intoxicated with Child Passenger (PC 49.045),
Driving While License Invalid (TC 521.457),
Duty on Striking Fixture or Highway Landscaping (TC 550.025),
Duty on Striking Unattended Vehicle (TC 550.024),
Duty to Give Information and Render Aid (TC 550.023)


Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity (PC 71.02),
Evading Arrest or Detention (PC 38.04)


Failure to Identify (PC 38.02),
False Alarm or Report (PC 42.06),
Fictitious or Counterfeit Inspection Certificate OR Insurance Document (TC 548.603),
Fleeing or Eluding Police (TC 545.421)
Forgery (PC 32.21),
Forging or Altering Prescription (CSA 483.045),
Fraud to Obtain a Controlled Substance (CSA, 481.129)
Fraudulent Destruction, Removal, or Concealment of Writing (PC 32.47),
Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Info. (PC 32.51)
Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor (ABC 106.06)


Harassment (PC 42.07),
Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution (PC 38.05)


Illegal Dumping (HSC 365.012),
Indecent Exposure (PC 21.08),
Insurance Fraud (PC 35.02),
Interference with Emergency Telephone Call (PC 42.062),
Interference with Public Duties (PC 38.15)



Manufacture or Delivery of a [Controlled] Substance (CSA 481.1121 to 481.114),
Minor in Possession of Alcohol (ABC 106.05, a.k.a. MIP),
Money Laundering (PC 34.01),
Motion to Revoke Probation (CCP 42.12-Sec. 23)


Obstructing Highway or Other Passageway (PC 42.03),
Online Solicitation of a Minor (PC 33.021),
Outdoor Burning of Waste and Combustible Material (HSC 382.018)


Possession of Alcohol by a Minor (ABC 106.05, a.k.a. Minor in Possession of Alcohol, a.k.a. MIP),
Possession of [Controlled] Substance (CSA 481.115 to 481.118),
Possession of a Dangerous Drug (CSA 483.041),
Possession or Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia (CSA 481.125, a.k.a. PODP),
Possession of Marijuana (CSA 481.121),
Prohibited Substances and Items in Adult or Juvenile Correctional or Detention Facility (PC 38.11),
Prohibited Weapons (PC 46.05),
Prostitution (PC 43.01),
Public Intoxication (PC 49.02),
Public Lewdness (a.k.a. Lewd Conduct, PC 21.07)


Racing on Highway (TC 545.420),
Reckless Driving (TC 545.401),
Resisting Arrest, Search, or Transportation (PC 38.03),
Revocation of Community Supervision (a.k.a. Motion to Revoke Probation, CCP 42.12-Sec. 23)
Robbery (PC 29.02)


Sale [of Alcohol] to Minors (ABC 106.03)
Stalking (PC 42.072)


Tampering with Governmental Records (PC 37.10),
Tampering with Physical Evidence (PC 37.09),
Tattoos Prohibited for Certain Persons (HSC 146.012),
Terroristic Threat (PC 22.07),
Theft (PC 31.03),
Theft by Check (PC 31.03 & 31.06),
Theft of Service (PC 31.04)


Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle (PC 31.07),
Unlawful Carrying of Handgun by License Holder (PC 46.035),
Unlawful Carrying Weapons (PC 46.02),
Unlawful Restraint (PC 20.02)


Violation of Protective Order (PC 38.118)

The Law Office of Gregory R. Terra also handles all of the following miscellaneous legal services:

Motion to Modify Conditions of Community Supervision/Probation,
Motion to Terminate Community Supervision/Probation,
Petition for Expunction of Records,
Petition for Occupational Driver’s License, and
Petition for Order for Non-Disclosure.