Pre-Trial Intervention and DWI Court

The Williamson County Attorney has a special six-month program, called the Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTIP), for many first-time offenders charged with a Class-A or Class-B misdemeanor that results in a dismissal of the charge. However, you must apply through your attorney within a specific period of time. If accepted, you must pay a $360 fee, perform 40 hours of community service, take some classes, submit to drug testing, and have an ignition interlock installed on your vehicle (required only in DWI cases), after which the charge will be dismissed. Then, you may petition the court for a complete expunction of the charge (unless it is a DWI) when the law permits you to do so. An expunction is a process whereby an arrest and charge are completely removed from your criminal history and all related records are ordered destroyed.

Additionally, defendants who are charged with an alcohol-related misdemeanor offense, are admittedly guilty, and are admittedly addicted to drugs or alcohol, may wish to consider Williamson County’s DWI / Drug Court as a means to resolve their case. DWI/Drug Court is “a twelve month or longer program that integrates local criminal justice resources, case management, and substance abuse treatment to rehabilitate targeted repeat DWI and misdemeanor drug possession offenders in lieu of incarceration.”

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