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If you are facing assault charges in Williamson County, Texas, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney that you can depend on. The most common type of assault cases in Williamson County concern physical contact between family members and spouses and are usually charged as misdemeanors. What many people don’t know is that any type of physical contact can lead to assault charges. When the police responds to a call regarding domestic or other violence they often enter the scene with the intent to make an arrest. Consequently, in some instances people are arrested for physical assault when no physical contact even occurred and sometimes the person who actually made the police call is arrested because the officers believe he or she instigated the assault.

It is generally believed that if the alleged victim chooses to drop the charges the defendant will be released and not further pursued for the assault charge, but this is entirely untrue in Texas. While the victim may influence what happens after the arrest, whether the charges are pursued or not is ultimately up to the prosecutor. This means that if in the heat of an argument the police were called and an arrest was made, but no assault really occurred and the alleged victim afterwards regrets his or her decision of calling the police, the defendant may still be prosecuted for assault charges.

Because of the severe consequences a conviction of assault may involve, it is very important that you consult with a criminal defense attorney immediately after your arrest. An experienced attorney may be able to get your charges dismissed or lessened. If the assault charge sticks, it will be put on your criminal record and will be almost impossible to be expunged. For this reason it is important that you seek the advice of an attorney who can thoroughly investigate all the options there are for having your case dismissed.

The Law Office of Gregory R. Terra

At the Law Office of Gregory R. Terra in Williamson County we have years of experience in handling criminal defense cases, both on the prosecution as well as the defense side. After you hire us for your defense we will immediately start a thorough investigation into the exact circumstances of your case, both from your statements as well as the official police report and video (if one was recorded). Together we will go through the police report to examine whether the statements made in the report are accurate according to your memory. If you believe the report contains statements that or not correct, we will ask you to write down a statement with your recollection of the facts and hand this document over to the prosecutor.

Once all the information on the case has been carefully reviewed we will go through the different defense options available for your case and discuss these with you. In case the alleged victim wants to offer their help, we will retrieve a written statement from them for the prosecutor. If you believe that the alleged victim is lying or actually initiated the assault, we will conduct a careful investigation into the victim’s history to find out if they have been involved in violent incidents, drug use or other criminal acts in the past. We will also provide advice on any actions you can undertake that could help your case.

At the Law Office of Gregory R Terra we strive to provide our clients with the best possible criminal defense in order to get the most favorable outcome for your assault case. If at all possible we will aggressively push to have your charges dismissed or lessened. If the prosecutor decides to pursue the charges, we will attempt to negotiate a favorable plea bargain agreement. If a fair agreement can’t be reached, we will be prepared to take your case to court after thoroughly discussing this with you.

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Assault charges should not be taken lightly. If you are facing criminal charges for assault in Williamson County, it is of crucial importance that you get in touch with a criminal defense attorney immediately after the facts. Don’t hesitate and call us today. The first consultation is completely free of charge. Contact us now by calling (512) 635-4368 or get in touch through our contact form.