Greg Terra Williamson County Defense AttorneyTo schedule a free initial consultation with us to discuss your Williamson County case, simply call (512) 635-4368 or click on the ‘Contact Us‘ link to complete a short form that will be emailed to us. There is no fixed time limit for a free consultation, but they generally last about 15-30 minutes. At this meeting we will discuss the basic facts of your case, any possible legal defenses, and a basic strategy for handling your case. We can also discuss payment options/plans if you are unable to pay our fee in full. Once you make the decision to hire, you will need to remain at the office for about an hour to complete the necessary paperwork and review several documents that we will provide you. When you leave our office you will have a complete packet of useful information, you will know exactly what the next steps are, and you should feel confident in knowing you have an experienced attorney to navigate you through the process and help you with your case.