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Greg Terra is a fantastic attorney. He helped me so much. I would recommend him to anyone i know looking for a lawyer. He got both my felony and my misdemeanor cases dismissed allowing me to enlist in the United States Marine Corp. I have no idea what i would have done without him. He is definitely a life saver and all around great guy. He kept me updated and informed throughout the entire process and always made it clear on what was going on. Thank you Mr. Terra 🙂 -Garrett Downing


Greg is an outstanding lawyer and an even better person! If you ever find yourself needing representation call this man. My case has been Dismissed! For that I am Thankful. – Lenny Davis


Great lawyer!!!!!! He got my case dismissed. He worked hard on my case and did a fantastic job. He is very well respected. If you ever need a lawyer, I highly recommend him. – B. Cor


Mr. Terra did an amazing job representing my husband in his case for reckless driving. Mr. Terra is very knowledgeable in the law and showed amazing confidence and helping us get through this. We were not just another paycheck to him. He knew us by name and face. I highly recommend him!!! – Struggling Mom


I am very pleased with Greg Terra’s representation. Greg was upfront about the probable outcomes of my recent DWI case. Although the outlook was not good, Greg ended up getting the best possible result I could hope for. Greg is an honest and hard working attorney. I highly recommend Greg Terra for your DWI representation. – Brad K


Greg is a fantastic lawyer, and an even better person. If you are considering using him for any of your legal needs, I highly recommend him. He will make sure you are on top of your case and his receptionist and assistants are top notch. Every encounter you have with them, you will leave feeling much less anxiety over your case. – Zach S.


Professional straight forward experience here working with Mr. Terra. He and his office staff worked hard to get my POM case DISMISSED. Never saw the inside of a court room. He will fight to protect your rights. Highly recommended. – Jeff Wixom


Greg Terra is the attorney you want. Professional, straight forward, and more than worth every penny. If anyone is going to win your case it will be Greg Terra. I was referred to him by a couple of friends that spoke very highly of him and his services. After my experience, I highly recommend him to anyone seeking representation in Williamson County. – Nick Kelley


I highly recommend Mr.Terra to anyone that needs legal help. He looked at every angle of my charge and found the best way to come about it. He knows what he is doing very well and will get the job done. Hands down the best lawyer I’ve ever meet. – Ryan Kelly


Mr. Terra recently represented me in my case. I could not be any happier with the outcome. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and honest. He was very straight forward since the beginning and at no time did I ever feel misled. He was very prompt to respond to any questions that I had and gave me honest advise. I was very surprised in how wiling he was to work with me on a payment plan. I was very please with the process and walked out of court gratified. I would highly recommend him without any doubt. – Daniel Lee


I can honestly say that I was blown away by the professionalism by Greg and his assistant Susie. I had scheduled several interviews with a number of lawyers. After meeting with Greg, I canceled them and immediately signed a contract for him to represent me with my case. As a first time offender who was lost in this process, Greg was honest and blunt with what he could do. And he did everything he said he was going to. Optimistically, he said he could get my case dismissed and he did. I can’t thank Greg and Susie enough for everything they have done. I highly recommend Greg Terra law firm, especially if you want your case dismissed. – LuckyUser Dismissed


One of the best attorneys I have ever met. He is understanding and kind. I will recommend him to any one who is in need of a attorney. – Ben Poore


My experience with Mr. Terra was excellent. He not only got the best case scenario for me in my situation, the process from beginning to end was straight forward and i was kept up to date on what was going on. When having a criminal case its always great to get the facts on whats going on so you can prepare for whats to come. Mr. Terra, again, did an outstanding job and i couldn’t have been happier with my outcome when i left that court room relieved and happy to start moving on with my life. No plans of ever getting in trouble with the law again, but if i did find myself in another legal situation the offices of Gregory Terra will be the first call i make. If you are searching for an attorney i highly recommend consulting with Mr. Terra. – Christian Porter


Gregory Terra is an attorney who will go the extra mile to help his clients. I am 31 years old and have never been in trouble with the law. I found myself facing possession charges in Williamson county, Mr. Terra’s staff has made this whole scary process much easier. His fees are fare with a great payment plan that fits anyone’s budget. I will always turn to Mr. Terra for all my lawyer needs and have recommend him to everyone I know. This law office gets five stars from me and my family. – Heidi Algee


Mr. Terra has done an amazing job involving my case. I was facing a POCS and a POM Mr. Terra was able to get my POCS dismissed so I’m only facing 2 years of probation for the POM. I am more than happy with his work and thankful beyond belief, I will definitely be coming back to him with any future legal issues I may face. – Akshan Weeraratne


Greg has done an excellent job in handling my case. As a fellow veteran i felt really comfortable in contacting him, and it turned out that I made the correct decision. I would highly recommend this law office to anyone. He has been very dedicated to getting my case dismissed (successfully), and I proudly give him 5 stars as a recommendation to anyone else seeking legal assistance. – Kevin Keathley


In my circumstances I’ve only had to deal with legal issues twice in my life, when I hired Mr. Terra as my attorney he explained the process, gave me real expectations on how things might turn out and gave me results, straightforward, prompt and stress free. He has truly made a difference on how this experience turned out for me. I completely recommend consulting him for legal issues. – Zak Ferose


My Experience with Greg’s office was excellent. His Assistant was a pleasure to deal with and at no time did I feel like the process was not being realized. Excellent communications, knowledge of the law, proceedings, and Judges characterize his practice. My case was dismissed and expunged. His rates are not too high and I got what I paid for. I give Greg and his office my highest recommendation without any reservation. – Robert Mouton


Mr. Terra is very professional in what he does as an attorney. I was charged with aggravated assault and child endangerment. The case took about a year and Mr. Terra did a lot of hard work in that year. The aggravated assault was dropped and I was found not guilty for child endangerment. I would not have gone with a better attorney. Thanks for everything that you have done for me and my family. – Larry Solis


When i first met with Mr. Terra i was on my first day of searching for an attorney, i had planned on spending a few days doing so. However after discussing my case (Possession of Marijuana) he was very up front, he made my options extremely clear and left nothing unsaid. it was at this point in time i made the decision to hire Mr. Terra, we decided to challenge my charge due to inconsistencies on the police report and false reasoning for stop. I went to two court sessions and before i knew it, my case had been dismissed. Now although the nature of my case help the circumstances I can confidently say Mr. Terra is what truly made the difference. He was very professional and always prompt and on time, as was I. Without Mr. Terra i was looking at a potential of 6 months in jail, not likely, non the less possible. Now the charge will be expunged 2 years from this date. No probation, no jail time, simply dismissed. When searching for an Attorney in the Williamson county area, i strongly advise using the services of The Law Office of Gregory R Terra. – Ryan Hartley


Being a single father with, full custody, college student, and working part time, I was stuck in a bad way when I received this DWI. Greg Terra was so helpful from the get go. He was up front, honest and accurate in what could happen and in the steps to help me through this ordeal. He typed a plan of the steps I needed to take which where clear and easy and also helped immensely! Mr. Terra talked to the prosecutor, who reduced the fines way down, and then he talked to the prosecutor a second time and they lowered everything even more and gave me workable options! Since Mr. Terra had been a prosecutor, he knew the ins and outs of what was needed to be done. Over the course of this predicament, I was given the needed time to finish my college classes, work and take care of my son which made everything manageable. Susie was awesome with her accurate and quick answering of any questions I had and at providing me with the information I needed. I was never mislead and always treated with respect by both of them. The situation turned out better than I ever hoped it would. They are a good choice to have when you are in need………..Thanks Mr. Terra and Thanks Susie! – Travis Eaton


Mr. Terra was very respectful and helpful for my mom. He helped me and my mom understand everything that was going on and explained to us things we needed to do. It was a great expeirence. Would reccomend Mr Terra to anyone who needs a great lawyer. – Gracie Warden


I cannot begin to fully express the appreciation that I have for Mr. Greg Terra and his assistant, Susie. Mr. Terra and Susie handled my case in a very non-judgmental and sensitive manner. The process was always clear and the time that I physically had to put into it was minimal. I was always kept informed and did not have to wait, wonder, or worry. Mr. Terra was knowledgeable, sincere, compassionate, supportive, and extremely effective in dealing with the specifics of my case. I could not have picked a better person or attorney to represent me through such a difficult time in my life. – Nola Evans


Mr. Terra has represented me for two cases. He was very professional and demonstrated a thorough knowledge of Texas state law. I could not have asked for a better lawyer. I was able to get the best possible outcome for both of my cases under the circumstances for each case. Mr. Terra is a great defense attorney. – Ryan Newman


Mr. Terra came highly recommended, and he definitely lived up to the recommendation. Mr. Terra was very honest about the positives and negatives of my case, and kept me updated of the progress of my case. He communicated the processes and expectations of my case very well and made me feel at ease in an otherwise stressful situation. The outcome of my case was much better than I expected (and probably better than I deserved). I am very pleased with Mr. Terra’s work and would / will definitely recommend him to anyone needing legal representation for a criminal case. – Chris Sears


I am very satisfied with Mr. Terra as my lawyer. I am not from Williamson County so picking a lawyer down there was a bit difficult. After calling a few lawyers and talking to Mr. Terra, I knew he was the right choice. He always was very honest and straight forward, not promising anything that may not happen. Mr. Terra is very knowledgeable of the law and always returned my calls promptly. He also kept me updated with any information he received, which helped keep my mind at ease. In the end, he was able to get my charge dropped down from a higher charge, where I received a very minimum sentence. I would recommend Mr. Terra to anyone in Williamson County. – Thomas W


Greg Terra request a early termination of probation for me in 2010. The Judge was opposed o the request at that time. Greg told me to wait a few years and he would go back and fill again for early termination. in 2012 he did just that and the Judge granted the termination. Greg has been true to his word and worked for me even when the Judge denied the motion. Greg will do his best for his clients and be true to his word. Thanks Greg for getting the job done. – Benjamin LeBlanc


Got the best possible outcome from my case. Every phone call, consultation, and court hearing was prompt and professional. – Jinhwan Song


I’m very glad that i chose Greg Terra to represent me, he got my case dismissed! From the beginning he was very honest, organized and explained in detail what was going on with the case. I recommend Greg Terra for any criminal case you have. Thank you Mr. Terra for getting my case dismissed. – Anonymous


I have been very fortunate to have had Mr. Terra represent me for my case. I was charged with a DWI in 2009 and I received several letters from Attorney’s and after having a meeting with Mr. Terra I knew he would assist me the best he could. Several months later Mr. Terra guided me through a PTI that resulted in my case being dismissed. I also want to mention his assistant Susie who is an exceptional person to work with as well. She is very professional and always kept me up to date during the process. Three years later, Mr. Terra has now represented me to have my case expunged off my record. I greatly appreciate you sir. I definitely recommend Mr. Terra for any legal matters. – Anonymous


I’m very glad I choose Greg Terra to represent me, I had first hired a big firm in Austin to handle my case and they did not seem to care at all about my situation. I was treated very poorly and lied to. When I first called Greg he was very honest with me and extremely specific on how to transfer my representation. His assistant is very organized and generous, all my answers were answer correctly and promptly. Greg Terra is the answer for your legal needs!!! – Anonymous


In a county known for for being extremely harsh on domestic violence cases which certainly isn’t a bad thing unless you’re on the receiving end of ridiculous charges, Greg got my cased dismissed in very short order. He was honest and straight forward but most importantly he got me exactly what I thought was the only fair verdict in my case; A complete dismissal. Thank You sir. – Anonymous


I’m grateful for Greg Terra’s efforts in my case. I was charged with a DWI that resulted in and accident, and walked away with the minimum, 12 months probation and a 200 dollar fine. From the first meeting, he was nothing but straight forward and honest with me, giving me the positives and negatives of the case, and I was always well informed of what was going on. He definitely knows the law from every side. I strongly recommend his services. Thanks Greg. – Anonymous


Greg Terra is extremely knowledgeable of the complexities of a DWI case, he made feel at ease giving him control of my case. I am most impressed with his knowledge of the inner workings of the court system. He was straight forward with me and I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of legal representation. I cannot thank him and his legal assistant enough for their attention to details of my DWI case. Thanks Greg – Anonymous


Sincere,honest and hardworking lawyer!! Greg Terra worked hard for our daughter. The case was dismissed. He treated her like an adult-held her accountable to give him all the information- she needed that!! The experience was scary for her and us as parents. Greg was always there early to meet our daughter, he is easy to talk with and put her at ease during a stressful time. – Anonymous


Greg Terra did an excellent job on my case, he got my case dismissed. Greg is an excellent down to earth lawyer (which these days is hard to find) he is also very experianced. I was worried for my life but after I hired Greg I was able to breathe deeply and trust him to do the best job that he could do and that is exactly what he did. Anytime I needed to get a hold of him or get advice he was there to support me and always got right back with me. I am very thankul to Greg I would defintely recommend him to anyone. If you need a lawyer pick Greg becuase you will not regret it. – Anonymous


Greg Terra represented me recently in a DWI case and was thorough, hard working and provided me with invaluable insight into my case. I would highly recommend him for any defense litigation, his fees were fair and he worked hard for the best resolution of my case. I would certainly call upon him again should the need arise. (I certainly hope they won’t.) Thanks very much Greg! – Anonymous


Mr. Terra got my case dismissed in a very easy and efficient manner. My life would pretty much be ruined if it wasn’t for Mr. Terra. I am so happy that he was able to get things done for me and now i can continue with my life care free. He was very informative and extremely precise with making sure that I knew what was going on with my case every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone in need! – Anonymous


Mr.Terra is the BEST !! Greg is the best Lawyer to handle any case in this Tuff County. I thought it was the end of the world when I got my DWI. Mr. Terra did an awsome job on my case. He met me 3 times before my first court date and answerred every call. I am very pleased with the outcome. Now I can move on with my life. I strongly Recommend Mr. Terra. for any case. – Anonymous


Mr.Terra did an excellent job on my case i am very pleased with the outcome. He is very honest and knowledgeable, I am glad i had someone like him to work with my case. It was my first offence and he helped get the best options available for me and had answers to my questions, always going an extra step to get the job done highly recommend him he is very experienced. You won’t be disappointed. – Anonymous


From the very first “free consultatin” meeting, Mr.Terra made me feel very confident in his abilities to do a good job representing me. As it turned out he did an EXCELLENT job w/ my case. My life is on a path back to normal and I have Greg to thank. The charges against me will be dropped and my record will be clean. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Terra to anyone needing representation from a highly compotent attorney. – Anonymous


5 stars – Anonymous


Mr. Terra provided information and help on my case that others could not. He was upfront about all of my options and outcomes. It was also very easy to communicate with him and i was always kept in the loop. He is always on time and can absolutly be counted on. The best part about my case is that my charges wll be dropped and I will be left with a clean record. I would highly recommend Mr. Terra to everyone looking for an attorney. Great quality service for a good price. – Anonymous


Do not look any further! Gregory Terra is an amazing attorney! He made sure that I was prepared in every way to make myself look the best in court. He is extremely inteligent and knows the best ways of lowering and (in my case) dismissing your charges. His prices are extemely fair and if you are looking for a criminal attorney in Williamson County PLEASE look no further. Thank you so much Greg!!! I truly appreciate everything you have done for me! – Anonymous


Greg got the wheels turning when others could not. I had another attorney and nothing happened, just one rescheduled court date after another. After we parted ways I talked with Greg and new he was my guy. He has not only got my case moving, he has also put me in position to have my case dismissed. Thank you Greg for all your hard work, my family and I truely appreciate it!!!! If you are looking for a good criminal attorney at a Great Price, then try Gregory Terra!! You wont be disapointed!! – Anonymous


Gregory Terra is a fantastic attorney!! He knows his stuff and can help you tremendously! I had a 2nd Dwi offense, which is a very difficult case and confusing I might add. No way your can do it on your own. He was very helpful in explaning things and making sure I got everything done that I should, and got me a great deal! I could have spent a year in jail if it wasnt for him and TONS of FEES! I definitely recommend him to anyone!Thank you Greg! – Anonymous


I was more than happy with Mr. Terra’s work on my case. It was taken care of without problems and I did not have anything that I had to deal with afterwords. He was very professional and he also had a good relationship with the court with help tremendously in the sentencing. I was also reffered by my aunt who is a retired Jag from the Air Force, which if she says he’s good that means alot too. – Anonymous


Greg is an amazing attorney! I recommend him to anyone in the Austin area. I had a difficult DWI case and he made it go as smoothly as possible. I greatly appreciate his help, respect and knowledge for the law. He will continue to help answer any questions that arise after your case is settled. Thank you for everything, Greg! – Anonymous


Looking for an attorney that knows his stuff, does what he says and does it very well? You’ve found him! He has the utmost respect for his clients and the law. He is very professional and it shows in the way you are treated and the way he conducts himself in court. Stop looking and start addressing your issue – he is a great asset on your team. – Anonymous


Choosing a right attorney is THE MOST crucial decision in a case.Greg has been handling my case for past few months and I must say that i made the right decision. I am extremely pleased with the progress made on my case and the information and guidance provided to me during the course of the case has proved to be very helpful and valuable. If you are looking for an attorney in Wilco, look no further. – Anonymous


The best thing I can say about Greg is defined in two words: No Nonsense! There are many other great characteristics that Greg has, but I would need all afternoon to list them all. Just a quick overview of my situation. I was in a lot of trouble when I met Greg and from the first moment we met he was very soothing and knowledgeable in explaining to me what could happen. He did not tell me things that he may have thought I would want to hear, instead was very honest with me. When all was said and done, my two charges (Felony drug possession and DWI) were basically reduced down to only one. I have all the confidence in that I highly recommend Greg to ANYONE that gets into any trouble!! He has made my life that seemed to be pretty much over and looking at serious prison time, to minimal probation and no jail time whatsoever. I can definitely sleep comfortable at night thanks to Greg. Well Done!!! – Anonymous


While there are pages upon pages of lawyers in the telephone book, it is indeed vital to have an experienced attorney who can successfully navigate the justice system. Greg Terra definitely has the knowledge and experience to get the most favorable result possible. As a former prosecutor, his experience proved to be invaluable in a recent case that I was involved in. In fact, the end result was even better that I had expected! He always let me know what to expect and was very careful to not make empty promises… If you find yourself up against the legal system, especially in Williamson County, make sure you talk to Greg first and let him help you as he helped me. – Anonymous


I went to three different attorneys between Georgetown and Austin. These three lawyers made it seem like they could move mountains. A friend recommended Mr. Terra to me! He let me know the best & worst case senereo upfront. He is straight foward & willing to lend an ear when I needed one. SJ/ Georgetown


Not only is Greg honest and straight forward, but I’ve never seen or heard of a lawyer who gets results as fast as he did for me. In less than 24 hours, Greg had my case dismissed. No additional fees, and certainly no “stupid deals” as one odd reviewer claimed. His staff is as respectful and professional as he is and I will glady recommend him to anyone who needs it. Greg, if you’re reading this, thank you again for everything. – Anonymous


My friend referred Greg for my case in Williamson County Court, he is really very nice, kind and honest. He really helped me out to get out of the case. I will rate ***** from my bottom of heart, he responsed me in all the ways and answered all my questions all the time with out any issues. Thanks alot greg. – Anonymous


When I was choosing an attorney for my case I researched and researched and came across Mr. Greg Terra. I read his reviews and thought that he was the guy I needed for my case. Upon meeting him he was straightforward and truthful with me about the possible outcomes and did not just tell me what I wanted to hear. He is very professional, but what surprised me most was his concern not only about my case but what direction I was headed in life altogether, and I do not mean in an intruding or judgemental fashion, I mean as a person who really cares for his fellow man. It was more like talking to a good friend who understood and was going to do whatever he could to help me in a time of need. I highly recommend Mr. Terra to anyone who is trying to better themselves and is looking for an honest attorney and good ethical, moral, and caring person. I feel very blessed that I found Mr. Terra. I really hope that I do not ever need an attorney again, but if I do then I know who I will ask to represent me. – Anonymous


Throughout all of my legal disputes, Greg has been there with reassurance and support. He displayed complete knowledge on every meeting I had with him on my legal case. Greg also was consistent about never leaving me with unanswered questions with my case. I couldn’t ask for more. – Anonymous


I am very pleased with the work and effort Greg Terra put into my case. He is very good and what he is doing. He always made sure that my court dates and if i needed them to be rescheduled would get done. If anyone needs a good lawyer who not only cares about his clients but also does a fantastic job i would choose Greg Terra – Anonymous


Greg Terra got my charge lowered, and handled my case very professionally. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer in Williamson county. – Cor Fro


My parents found Mr. Terra online along with several other lawyers. We picked Mr. Terra over everyone else, because not only was he conveniently located in Georgetown, TX, but he has had multiple cases similar to mine. He is a really nice guy and he really knows all the laws in Williamson County. Not only that, but he was very prompt about my case and made sure I was well aware of what was going on. He made sure to make time to explain everything that was going to happen and what could happen. I give him 10 stars! I recommend him!! – Anonymous


I found Greg Terra online, after getting a DWI in Williamson County, TX. Being in the military I was attracted to his prior service and Wow! Has he helped me out! A straight one time fee, he was knowledgeable, organized and on time for everything. Even when my superiors tried “extra-curricular” punishments, he came through in the clutch with advice, and helped me obtain court documents that I never could have obtained by myself, let alone on such short notice. One word, Fantasic! – Anonymous


Mr Terra worked with my Son and did a wonderful job. His charges we’re dismissed. Greg made us very comfortable by letting us know what the process would be and relieved our anxiety. Thank you for a great Job. – Rick C


This attorney helped to have charges dismissed that had been made erroneusly by the Georgetown Police. This was based on assaults by my spouse, but the GT Police always believed his lies over the obvious truth. Mr. Terra helped me get through this very difficult time and helped me prove that in fact, my husband was the guilty party.Greg Terra is professional and caring. – VH/Georgetown, TX


R. Terra gave me a new chance to continue my career in the USAF after I had been charged with a drug offense. I had never dealt with an attorney before and was very unsure of what to do. But, after meeting with this man i felt very confident he could help, and he did. He website, office and social skills are very professional to say the least. If you need good help from a good man, this is your guy.  – Anonymous


Mr. Terra worked so hard to keep me informed about my case and gave a 110% effort to give me the best outcome possible. Not only was he honest and knowledgeable, but he also truly cared for my well-being and offered me his help and advice, as well as his kindness and compassion. I was able to have a very favorable outcome in my case, thanks to his hard work and strong desire to help me. I am truly grateful to Mr. Terra for his service to me. – Anonymous


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